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Welcome to Sing Omaha

Sing Omaha is a 501c3 federally-recognized non-profit organization
that provides opportunities for singers of all ages and experience levels
through its choir and lesson programs.

Sing Omaha Choirs

Sing Omaha’s Choirs offer ensemble singing experiences for singers in grades K-12, and adults in the Omaha area. 

Our eight choirs regularly perform with professional instrumental groups in beautiful local venues.

Sing Omaha Studios

Sing Omaha Studios offers private lessons, small group instruction, summer camps, and workshops for singers ages seven and up. Visit the Sing Omaha Studios website to learn more about lessons, and register today for lessons at one of our two studios!

(84th & Park Dr. or 190th & Q)

About Sing Omaha

Sing Omaha is a 501c3 federally-recognized non-profit organization that has been operating in Eastern Nebraska since 2007.

Sing Omaha Choirs has been serving singers grades K-12 and adults through music instruction and performance in one of eight choirs with a six-concert season each academic year. With the addition of Sing Omaha Studios, Sing Omaha Inc. became the go-to destination for music instruction and performance in Omaha.


Our comprehensive programming offer choirs for all ages, in addition to private voice lessons, piano lessons, guitar lessons, bass lessons, and drum lessons. We also offer summer show choir camps, musical theater workshops, and pre-school child/parent music classes. 

All of our services are provided by certified, degreed professional music educators. Our faculty are the best in the area, and they share a love of teaching music which drives their professional approach to teaching.


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    As Sing Omaha is a 501c3 federally-recognized non-profit organization, we depend on volunteer and financial support from our friends in the community.

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    Sing Omaha Studios
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